Re: The future

"Ken Dixon" <kdixon2711@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
Weyers, owner of a health care benefits administrator in Lansing, Mich.,
gave his 200 employees an ultimatum in 2004: Quit smoking in 15 months or
lose your job. He refused to hire smokers. Ultimately, he extended his
smoking ban to employees' spouses and monitored compliance through
mandatory random blood testing.

It's probably legal to not hire a smoker. It is probably illegal to fire one
if he refuses to quit. And it is most probably illegal to force an employee
to take a blood test if it was not a condition of his original employment.

However, I'd really like to see him force a non-employee spouse to take a
blood test. If I were a lawyer, I'd be sending letters of invitation to
every employee in the place inviting them to give me a call as soon as this
tyranical bozo asked for one.

New Orleans, Louisiana USA