Re: Non-cuban

"Ken Dixon" <nsvmiami@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Alex W. wrote:

In terms of flavour, you may wish to give these a try:

Ashton Virgin Sun Grown (VSG)
Opus X
Fuente Don Carlos

The above are all excellent cigars.
also worth a try:
Torano Exodus 1959 (gold)

Torano seems to be one of those brands that polarise: people either love it
or hate it. I myself like the Silver, but don't care for the rest of the
range at all. Still, worth a try.

LGC (sold in the EU under the El Credito name I believe)

Your belief is correct.
An excellent mid-price smoke, and utterly reliable.

Padron Aniversario

Forgot about those!
They definitely belong on the list!

Camacho Corojo
Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

Also Vintage 1992, and available in a Sun Grown variety.