Re: Turning closet into humidor?

"Brian Scott" <bscott030@xxxxxxxxx> wrote
Anyway, my brother in law is the one that needs the closet. I am the one
w/ the experience in building things. He has a cigar business that he
runs out of his house. He has accounts and maintains humidors at dozens
of local cigar bars and golf courses and at any given time has WAY too
much inventory to keep in a 1/2 dozen big coolers. The closet would be a
perfect solution as long as the cost wouldn't eat up too much profit.

You don't need to spend much money. I know a commercial cigar factory that
lines its aging rooms with 12-mil plastic sheeting covered with fiberglass
board with metallic film on one side. Not pretty, but it works fine.

For your application I suggest the max insulation you can get in the walls
and ceiling with 10-mil plastic sheeting over that on the walls and ceiling.
Make sure you put in wiring for lights and a couple of receptacles. Tape the
seams. Put 1/4-inch wood paneling over that, spanish cedar (NOT red or
American cedar - if it smells, it's the wrong stuff). Seal the floor with
plastic sheet or waterproofing paint and cover with whatever you like (no
rugs). The idea is to maintain a constant temperature and humidity. The
plastic and the insulation will do that.

Why not metal shelving? Because of corrosion?
Rust. 70% humidity is pretty high.

Does your closet have a hvac diffuser on the inside? My brother in law's
does not. I figure I'll have to run a 6" duct from the dist. box in the
attic and install an outlet (diffuser) in the closet to keep the closet
temp the same as the house temp.

No, no, no, no. No diffuser, no HVAC, no outside air of any kind. You want
to maintain a constant 65-70 degF temperature and 65%-70% relative humidity.
Most people's houses will keep the temp stable enough unless your closet is
in the corner of an outside wall in Alaska. You will have to buy a
humidifier to hold the humidity.

What do you mean by a "whole house humidifier?" He had planned on using a
couple Oasis humidifiers.

Unless you closet is the size of a desk humidor, a "couple Oasis
humidifiers" won't be nearly enough capacity for a closet. Go to any home
center and get an electrically operated humidifier. They come in all sizes,
a very small one will do. Use distilled water and after some playing around
it should keep the humidity just right.

New Orleans, Louisiana USA