Re: Turning closet into humidor?

"Brian Scott" <bscott030@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Has anyone ever heard of or attempted to turn a walk-in closet into a
humidor? Does it need to be lined in cedar? Because that would make it
cost prohibitive. Can one just leave the sheetrock and weather-strip the
entry door?

Any thoughts???

Hi, Brian:

I made and use one now. Without the cedar lining. Cover the walls with
plastic drop cloth material. Put in shelving of your choice ( non-metal ).
There were some existing shelves already on one wall. And I added a $35
plastic shelf from Lowe's. Add a whole house humidifier and set it at 65%
( you can set it at 70% but I found the cigars burn nicer when kept at 65%
humidity). Use distilled water only. I get 2 gallons for $1.09 at a discount
store called Marc's, here in Oh.

Hopefully you have air conditioning, too. In the summer I keep the house at
70 degrees or below. I try to maintain 65 degrees.

I put a digital hygrometer/thermometer on the upper shelves just to be sure
the humidiy and temp are ok throughout. If you find the upper shelves are
lower humidity than he lower section, grab a small electric fan and place it
facing up near the top shelf and move it until you get it right. It might
take some monitoring and readjusting the fan angle/speed. Don't point it at
the cigars. You're just trying to equalize humidity from top to bottom. The
door to the whole thing can be as simple as another sheet of plastic, or an
actual door. It does not have to be perfectly air tight. You want some air

I had an '05 cigar from there last night, and it felt/burned like it was
rolled right then & there.