Re: Turning closet into humidor?

On May 19, 9:59 am, "Brian Scott" <bscott...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Has anyone ever heard of or attempted to turn a walk-in closet into a
humidor? Does it need to be lined in cedar? Because that would make it
cost prohibitive. Can one just leave the sheetrock and weather-strip the
entry door?

Any thoughts???

Well since your asking for thoughts...

I would think that if doing it correctly would be cost prohibitive
that you most likely would not be able to actually afford the cigars
to fill it either so why bother doing anything at all other than just
a 100qt cooler?

Seriously to say doing it the way it should be done is cost
prohibitive is basically saying you care more about the cost, which in
the long run is really quite cheap in comparison to what you will be
putting in the new humidor than actually caring about your cigars and
if you dont care about taking care of your cigars than why go to the
bother of the conversion in the first place, just leave them on a
shelf in the garage instead.

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