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Gentlemen and Ladies,

As I will be visiting this fine city in Mexico soon, I will appreciate
any information that will lead me to local establishments offering
legitimate smokes form the island south of Miami.

Any such infromation will be greatly appreciatted.  Thanks in advance,


Be very careful, I've never seen so many fake Cuban cigars in one place
in my life. Seems like everybody in town sells Cohibas.
There are a couple of tiny cigar stores that do sell real Cuban sticks
at a "reasonable price", I think the name was Puros Puros but I could be
wrong so like I said be careful.

yes, lots of fakes in Mazatlan.
He can also go the "Sanborns" store in the Gran Plaza mall. they have
a good selection of cuban cigars (originals, afaik) and lots of
Mexican cigars: te amos mainly and also some Turrents
Sanborns is a well know smaller department store chain that have
stores all across Mexico.  their prices aren't the best but they are
to be trusted for carrying original cubans
enjoy your trip to Mexico and smoke your cubans diligently- Hide quoted text -

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If he's a US Citizen or Resident Alien he’ll be breaking US Law and
return a criminal!- Hide quoted text -

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i don't know where's he's from and i don't care, nor should you, it's
a personal information.
as i said, i encourage him to smoke his cuban cigars with complete
abandon and prodigality.