Cello on or off?

No, seriously!

A while back I purchased several boxes of cigars which the vendor kindly
vacuum-packed for me (they had to last a week in the boot of the car). On
my return home, I simply put the boxes into the cabinet as they were,
without removing the plastic, and forgot about them.

Yesterday, though, upon removing the vacuum-wrap from a dress box of San
Cristobal La Punta I discovered that my cigars had developed the most
amazing box press and had turned into rectangulares with an edge so sharp
you could use it as a ruler. Inspecting the other boxes, it turns out that
the vendor's machine is so powerful that it had sucked the air from *inside*
the boxes, causing the lid to bow and squash the cigars.

On the whole, I am not displeased. It's a bit quirky to have box-pressed

Now my question: can anyone think of a reason why I should remove the cello
from my other boxes if it does not harm the draw?

Supplementary question: how badly will vacuum-packing affect the aging?