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One of your options is "well, Mr. Auditor, that's all very nice that
think that, but I think you're wrong, and I'm taking the deduction."

It's more like: we're not going to allow it and you owe us another

Yes, the IRS has that last word (and many of the first, second and middle
words as well).

Actually, there was a recent decision (2000? around there, somewhere)
that, in the event of a disagreement, the onus is on the IRS to
demonstrate where the law/tax-code has been violated. Prior to that
time, while "innocent until proven guilty" was a fine concept, the IRS
had largely run amok bullying people.

Judge: "What proof do you have that this deduction is not legitimate?"

IRS Agent: "Your honor, we said so!"

Judge: (Turning to defendant) GUILTY!