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One of your options is "well, Mr. Auditor, that's all very nice that you
think that, but I think you're wrong, and I'm taking the deduction."

It's more like: we're not going to allow it and you owe us another

To auditor: "You are mistaken." ;)

Like the auditor gives a shit?

Auditors are just guys doing a job. Just like you; just like me. They
don't arrest people, they don't have authority to take your money. All
they do is talk over your paperwork with you, then discuss the outcome
with the IRS.

If you honestly reported to the IRS in the first place, then honestly
relating why you're going to stick with your original filing doesn't
change anything.

Auditor: I'm of the opinion that this isn't a proper deduction.
Taxpayer: I'm of the opinion that it is.

Don't be afraid, just because the guy wears a tie...

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