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I'm of a religious bent, and I can't think of any "rights"
that come from God. At least any secular ones that God
has said "You have a right to....". There are plenty of
"oughts", and I would use those "oughts" to derive
but then "rights" remain a derivative, rather than "self-

Of a religious bent?
I'd never have guessed....

All rights are derived from a basic position: for the
religious, it is the ultimate authority of deity X, for the
agnostic it lies in the nature of man.

Looking at the decalogue, one could derive rights from the
commandments. An injunction not to commit murder may, in
reverse, be deemed a right to life. The commandment not to
steal presupposes property rights. Indeed, the third
commandment might well be interpreted as a right to limited
working hours (trade unionists take note).

Elsewhere, a religious type might also derive and define
human rights from Genesis: having been made in His image and
expressly granted dominion over the Earth, this would
presumably include human rights.

And sure don't see how I get a right as an outgrowth of

If you're not allowed to push your morality off on me,
then I declare that my morality says you owe me a living.

Tough. The "not allowed to push" works both ways, chum.

Not in my morality. My morality says I can push, but you
can't. Snaily available.

Now you're thinking of religious morality...