Re: I live in Cuba...

11 <once17once@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

you guys are americans, aren't you?
'cause you sure act like it...

anyway... any Canadians reading this group who would like to contact
me, feel free, and we can talk...

...and leave the schoolyard bully crap to the bloqueo-boys smoking
their banana-leaf-dominican basura...

vete al carajo...Cojonick... jajaje

You know, "11", if you look back to the beginning of this thread,
you'll discover that you were the first to act like an ass.

It was one of you fellow Canadians who implied you might be running
one of the most common scams we've seen here.

Then you turned around, and almost like someone who was trying to pull
a scam, got all indignant and defensive. You started cursing people
in Spanish, like no one else will understand. Ooooh, I only WISH I
could be as cool as you, "11".

It does figure though that someone who would post using their age as a
handle would make references to "schoolyard bullies".