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> That's why they invented that slippery term, "Weapons of Mass
> Destruction". It means something, but it doesn't mean anything
> *specific*, which give them wiggle room.

sorry but it does
A weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is a weapon which can kill large numbers
of humans and/or cause great damage to man-made structures (e.g. buildings),
natural structures (e.g. mountains) or the biosphere in general. The term
covers several weapon types, including nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC)
and, increasingly, radiological weapons.

So, like, a deisel/fertalizer bomb would count?
ask tim mcvey
Or an airplane?

How many is "a large number of" humans?
Does a .45 count, if I bring
enough clips?
Or do I have to kill them all in one go?
Is there a time
limit on these things?
Even nuclear bomb doesn't kill its masses at the
same instant.
collateral damage

What about 2nd hand smoke, or CO2 emmissions from my car,
which kill millions, but slowly -- does that count?

no - thats an illness

If a tree falls in a forest, lands in a building and squishes it, is it
a WMD? What if there were "a large number of" people inside, at the

act of god

Misc "sounds slippery to me..."

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