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. And
he WMD were never there as pretty much everyone with any intelligence
access said was the case and said it for 2 years prior to this disaster.

then what did he gas those Kurd's with? something from Thompson's.

That's why they invented that slippery term, "Weapons of Mass
Destruction". It means something, but it doesn't mean anything
*specific*, which give them wiggle room.

sorry but it does
A weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is a weapon which can kill large numbers of humans and/or cause great damage to man-made structures (e.g. buildings), natural structures (e.g. mountains) or the biosphere in general. The term covers several weapon types, including nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) and, increasingly, radiological weapons.

It's just like the term "assault rifle". It means something, but not specifically.

sorry but it does

The next submachine gun design to emerge was the MP43 or Machine Pistol 43 from a design developed in 1943. It fired a less powerful cartridge and had a lighter recoil as a result. However, Hitler, still thinking that troops needed a weapon capable of firing 2000 yards, ordered that production of the weapon not start. The German arms minister, however, knew the need of the new weapon, and changed the name to "Machine Pistol", which is what the Germans called their submachine guns like the US Thompson .45 cal. The trick worked and the weapon went into production at three factories and German troops all over the Eastern Front were clamouring for the new weapon. The whole affair was blown" when a few divisional commanders asked Hitler at a conference when they would get the new weapon. Hitler was furious and ordered an investigation. Luckily for the men that had disobeyed the Fuehrer, the results of the investigation were so encouraging about the new weapon that Hitler changed his mind and announced that henceforward the weapon would be called "Sturmgewehr" or Assault Rifle. This was the world's first ever assault rifle.