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Coulda told ya that. Stick with Folgers instant and Creamora. Save the
good stuff for the rest of us.
Sorry... no cream - real or powdered here. And definitely no instant.

I'm first a fan of Starbuck's and have been drinking that for almost
18 years now. I prefer the bolder varieties - like Sumatra - rather
than the blends. After that, I like a local Chicago roaster:

Off the supermaket shelves: I am a BIG fan of Folgers "Coffeehouse"
series. It was recently picked up by Wendy's as their coffee.

I prefer the Intelligentsia over the Starbucks, but then I prefer just
about any coffee over Starbucks. All their stuff tastes burnt to me.

All their coffee is burnt. They over roast the beans deliberatly to hide
the fact they buy the worst beans on the market.


Sorry, couldn't resist it ;-)
I've never even been in a Starbucks.

Foamy the Squirrel, an investigative rodent, did a marvelous expose.