Re: Mayorga Coffee

"Unc G" <pauld1943@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Bought two boxes of Mayorga "everyday" (lawnmower) smokes from JR
recently - got a bag of Mayorga coffee beans with each box (they
weren't part of my buying decision). Have tried 3 pots so far.

Do NOT like it.

If you are a fan of Mayorga coffee, send your snaily to:

pauld1943 at

This won't be "first-come-first-served". I reserve the right to send
to the respondent of my choice. Your talent when it comes to begging
might sway me if you're not someone I know.

I will send you what I have left: one sealed bag, another open bag
with about a third of it gone.

Coulda told ya that. Stick with Folgers instant and Creamora. Save the
good stuff for the rest of us.