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Gee I dunno, seems the "Islamofascists" have had a really great 7
years as
their recruitment numbers are up something like 10 fold. ?Oh and Bin
is still alive and well and making videos.
Paul, [...] Are you saying that in the last seven years the number of
Muslims has gone from 1.1billion to 11billion[1]?

I don't think he's talking total numbers, but new recruits. ?So, if 8
yrs ago, they were getting 15 new islamofacists a year (on average),
they'd now get 150/yr (on average.)

Using a similar type of "science" (<cough, cough>) that prooves that 2nd
hand smoke is the single most deadly substance known to man, he
concludes that this made-up increase in recruitment is due to a
world-wide made-up hatred of GWBush.

Thanks Justin and Misc,!

I agree that Paul is WAY too high in his estimates <sigh> his
discourse is both interesting and sometimes amusing (my office
director insisted on the amusing) and witty! (that's me speaking!)

Take it up with the CIA, it was aprt of the National Intelligence Estimate.

However, my military friends in Iraq and in Osama's sandbox still do
not agree with what he says ... hmm

Hmmm ... you must have missed trhe Winter Soldier on Capital Hill. It got
no play in the "liberal press." Big surprise there.

Mary <-- observer and supporter

Supporter of murder and war profiteering you mean. Just as long as it isn't
you doing the dying, eh? Only the most delusional fool could support this
attrocity after the massive evidence of the fraud that brought it upon us.
There are never those so grateful than the desperate to find port, any port,
in a storm.

Here is a vdeo from Paul O'Neil, former Treasury secretary who discuses how
Bush was planning on invading Iraq literally from day 1. Literally. 9-11
had nothing to do with it, it was a done deal before that.

I have no doubts you won't watch it. Makes it kind of hard to sleep like a
little kid at night, after all.