Re: How far down do you smoke

On Mar 4, 6:15 am, Jake <J...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This has probably come up before but I'm still somewhat new and haven't
seen the answer on here, so I was wondering ... how far down most people
smoke their cigars?

I enjoy how the flavor changes and I smoke them down pretty far.
Sometimes I take off the labels and smoke them to almost an inch or an
inch and a half.

Is this normal?

Would this be considered a faux pas in a public setting?  Or acceptable?

Thx,  J

Like most have said, you smoke it until you no longer enjoy it in
private. Smoking a cigar to the nub in public is poor form as is
leaving the band on in my opinion. Never stop at just an inch as many/
most cigars will improve toward the mid range. Even a cigar that draws
poorly or burns uneven at the start may improve if given a chance.