Re: Looking for the best SWEET cigar

On Mar 1, 8:04 pm, mikefromjer...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I just recently began smoking cigars and bought a nice humidor's seasoning as i write) to get me started
on the right foot.  I am looking for recommendations on a sweet
cigar.  I tried backwoods and like them a lot, but I wouldn't consider
it a cigar.  I found a cigar (Oliveros Platinum Toro Maduro Sweet) on
the internet and tried ordering a box,
but there were not in stock.  The user reviews claim that this cigar
is one of the the best sweet cigars out there.  The only other sweet
cigar I have tried is made (believe it or not) locally in Newark, NJ
by Jimenez Tobacco (  I have also tried
Baccarat, but didn't think it was sweet at all.  Please provide any
suggestions, recommendations, or advice.  Thank you.


The CAO Flavours line is a very high-quality flavored line. The
Moontrance I find to be a good cigar with a fascinating taste.

The ACID line has a few interesting smokes, the most palatable perhaps
being the Cold Infusion Tea.

The JAVA by Drew Estate and the Kahlua are two more that have pleasant
tastes to them.

Hope you find what you are looking for.