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Best is to put it on the web & tell us a URL.

Misc, not everyone know how or where to do that.

That's why my very next sentence was:

"Get a Yahoo/Google/whatever account, if you need a place to put such

Well, hell, if you can't run a computer from the command line, you shouldn't
be on it.

(Flickr works, too. ?Anyone who can't post to flickr shouldn't be
putting tasting wheels up on usenet ;)


Don't DISS MY PEOPLE !! �:-)

Nerd= Not Even Remotely Dorky-

Thanks Mickey, for sticking up for the little (oops)... I mean SMART

mary <--- doesn't have a flicker or photobucket account, but thinkin'
about it! (and [sadly] remembers JCL)

I remember when VMS was radically new!