Re: Healthcare in Canada

On Sat, 12 Jan 2008 23:31:25 GMT, "Paul M. Cook"
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The immunosuppressant drugs that would have been needed after a liver
transplant would very likely make her leukemia WORSE.

She would have had a 65% chance of surviving 6 months.

That should read "the first six months" which does not exclude life after

Those are actually extremely good odds for a liver transplant as I undersand
it. The thing they do not say is what her odds were for living *after* six

Actually Paul, the chance that the new liver would survive during
leukemia treatment without a recurrence of the leukemia is quite slim.
65% is gracious. However, after a year, the liver would be wasted and
the patient dead of leukemia. That liver should've gone to someone
with a better chance. These are all tough decisions.