Re: Healthcare in Canada

"Joe" <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
Not necessarily, shithead. Employment doesn't necessarily correlate to
insurance in the least bit.

I was following this discussion to see which of you made the most idiotic
statement first. You win.

In the US, for whatever historical reason, your insurance IS tied to your
employment. Very few persons who are employed (and have no employed spouse)
opt out of insurance. Somebody in the household must be working and getting
insurance coverage. Many spouses I've known work crappy low-paying jobs
excusively to get health innsurance. Privately-purchased health insurance is
only for the self-employed or the wealthy - I know because I've had to buy

As for the contention that everyone in the US has healthcare ("just show up
at an emergency room and they'll have to treat you"), that's the second
crock of shit you have spread. Since most hospitals are for-profit in the
US, they will only treat you at most emergency rooms if you have - guess
what - AN EMERGENCY. Their only responsibility is to treat life threatening
situations (bleeding, breathing, and the like). If they have time, they
might wipe your nose and tell you to take some aspirin. Otherwise, they'll
send you on your way. That's not healthcare.

New Orleans, Louisiana USA fermanis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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