Re: Healthcare in Canada

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So my survey says Paul is wrong. Paul doesn't have a survey.

Your survey is also more than a year out of date, taken in September
of 06 and correlated to a year before that.

So you admit that it says you're wrong. Good.

Since 06 more than a million people have joined the ranks of the uninsured.
A lot has changed and your survery shows it.

As to being out of date, you're simply ignorant of how long
these things take. Two years from gathering to
finished report is pretty standard. Notice how long it
takes before census data is out every decade.

We are not talking census data here. We are talking 1200 people. They can
do these polls in a weekend and write the survey up before week's end.

that the chart shows an 80% disapproval of the current cost
of health care.

The "error of the converse." Classic freshman fallacy.

Nice try - but that survey is one I now have bookmarked. It's golden. But
not for you. Think of this; 80% dissatisfaction amongst the *insured* - now
how do you suppose the uninsured 43% of this nation would respond?