Re: Is Coffee The Most Popular Drink In History?

Bart Goddard wrote:
"Alex W." <ingilt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

So you're about to go out of business?

Not a chance.

Last I heard, many hops farmers in the PNW have decided to switch to
more profitable crops that will be turned into subsidy-friendly
eco-fuel, leading to a decided shortage.

Yes, there's a hops shortage. But it's like a gasoline
shortage: There's plenty, but it costs twice what it ought.



If you find yourself really short on a particular kind of hop drop me a line and I would be more then happy to ship you 5-8 oz for a smoke you think I would like.

I am nearing 60 batches of beer most 10 gallon all grain batches, but know relatively little about cigars.

I know that I like milder smokes like Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Robustos and AVOs. Have had some CAOs that were good too. Seems that I have had an Edge that was good too, but don't remember if I am getting the name right.