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The point is it can be done. If this country wanted it, it would

Then since it hasn't happened, that means the country doesn't want
it. So now the question is: Why should we force someting on
the country when the country doesn't want it?

The country does indeed want it.

You say, in stark contrast to your immediate and very
subjunctive "If the country wanted it, it _would_ happen."

Business wants it to - even the CEO
of Ford specifically stated this.

Gee, the CEO of a huge corporation is FOR not having
to provide health benefits to his employees. There's
a ringing endorsement. Do you suppose he is for or
against lowering minimum wage?

The vast majority of voters want
some form of single payer health care available to all.

Another ringing endorsement. These are the same people
who, given a choice of beer, choose budmilloors, and given
a choice of smoke, choose cigarettes, and given a choice
of entertainment, choose American Idol and Cops.

Let's poll them and see if there is a "vast majority"
who think the government should provide gasoline for free.

So why don't
we have it? Because special interests control the issue,

Special interests get their power from the same place as
Anheiser-Busch. You say the country wants it, but the
country keeps buying Bud and keeps letting special interests
sway it (their opinion, not the beer.)

You're herding cats (or proposing to.)


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