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As to my own feelings on how much humans are
influencing this
warming trend, it's hard to say. The planet has also
undergone dozens,
if not hundreds, of these warming and cooling cycles
before. Way
before the industrial-revolution and modern humans and

I can agree to this. As for global warming that is caused
by man... sigh. If I recall correctly the scientific was
crying the warnings from the rooftops (at least in
prestigious magazines like Newsweek) in the late 1970's
about... global cooling.

I too believe the planet is in a warming trend, to what
extent human activity has contributed I have no idea. Some
I'm sure.
I also remember those dire warnings of the coming ice age
(first read about it in the mid 60's), still waiting.

That's basically because of confusion over a misnomer.
"Global Warming" is a slogan, a handy peg for the media to
signal certain content to a readership with the general
attention span of a goldfish with ADD. Presumably, they
decided that to use three words instead of two by calling it
"Global Climate Change" would impose too much of a strain on
our cognitive capabilities.

Maybe your's, but I can handle three words at a time. I can. Really.