Re: Will There be Another OJ Simpson Trial?

On Sep 20, 10:05 am, at7...@xxxxxxxxxxx (Winston Castro) wrote:
Wow, we might be in for a new OJ trial.

But I doubt if this time he can afford a "dream team."

OJ is facing like five felony counts, if I am not mistaken, that is
something like 20 years to life.

I heard he made bail today.

Do anny of you think he will flee? Another white Bronco chase? Or
something like that?

That is a lot of hard time to be facing.

From what I understand, OJ got a away with a double-homicide, paid
pennies on the millions of dollars he owes to the Brown and Goldman
familes, since he lives in Florida which is a "debtors haven," and
spends his days quietly playing golf and still living the high-life,
on his "untouchable" NFL pension of 300K per year. Again, his pension
and his Florida mansion are totally beyond the reach of the Goldmans.

Does this not seem a bit unfair?


Sounds fair to me, after all he was aquitted.