Re: Hey Bart....

On Sep 2, 10:32?pm, "M Sturm" <mst...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So let me get this straight, and for those of you who know me well you know
how very difficult that actually is for me. This Mike Z guy has a bug up
his ass about you US dudes who smoke cubans. What the hell is up with that,
like every other lame law in existence the only way it will change is if
people point out how stupid and defeatist it is. Boy I bet he pays all his
taxes and some extra too. Yikes...all that over SOMEONE else choosing to
mind you, smoke a cuban. OYE!

Michael J

So he posts something that most of us read in our 9th grade Math
textbook.... So very Sad ! "The Physics of baseball" is much more
interesting ... or "A Tour of the Calculus" or the wonderful
encyclopedia about the History of Cuban Cigars,..

Especially since this is a cigar board and the Cubans added so very
much to the development of tobacco growth, aging of the leaf, rolling,
and production going back to when most of us were mere glints in the
eye of God.