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Marc Schneiderman <garbaron@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

This list must surely account for at least 100 million deaths.

Can you come up with even 1% of that number of deaths which
you can blame on religion?

The Ottoman wars...they must account for something. :-)
Actually, just in this century (not including the past 1500 years of
genocide by the Islamic wars):

Armenian Genocide - 1915-1918 - 1,500,000 Deaths

Is it clear (this is a real question) that this was a religious
and not an ethnic genocide? Certainly the very term "genocide"
indicates that it was an ethnic (and hence political) problem.

Even if it was religious, the tally is still far short of 100 million.
So, again, the assertion that "Abrahamic" religions caused more
bloodshed than anything else needs much more justification.


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