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Winston Castro wrote:

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And we'd be in a nuclear war with every country in the middle east by
now if he had.

No, we'd have won a nuclear war. "By now" we'd be drilling for
oil through the fused-glass parking lot that used to be the
Middle East. (And North Korea would be vewy, vewy quiet.)

There is no "winning" a nuclear war.

There is no winning a Nuclear war against another Nuclear Power. It is
pretty easy to win a Nuclear war with the Middle East, so long as you can
(politically) appease Russia and China to prevent them from entering the
fray. Nuclear fallout is not nearly as devastating as had previously been
advertised. Besides Japan, there was Chernobyl, and the tons of bombs that
have been detonated in test areas, such as Nevada and certain areas in

The earth doesn't seem to be rejecting us for it.

You sound like the typical right-wing, war-mongering Christian.
Lecturing others in Christian theology while salivating at the mouth
for death and carnage. How heatrwarming, Jesus would be proud that you
call yourself a follower of his.

In the atomic age, either war is obsolete, or mankind is.

Poppycock. War will never be obsolete, so long as man exists.