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While not going so far as to say it is a basic human right, I would
say that even most third world nations provide some basic health care
to their citizens.

Virtually all first world countries do as well, except the US of


I have been in many of these countries, and I have seen clinics where
people live in mud and bamboo huts. The govts do subsidize **basic

These are not staffed by Beverly Hills surgeons, but people can get
anti-biotics and such prescribed at little or no cost.

When I lived in the Philippines last year, I lived near and went to
one of the best hospitals in the country. I would rate it as somewhat
equivlent to an average US hospital. For them, it was their best in
country type of thing.

An office visit to my doctor, who was a very very qualified doctor,
cost me about $10 US money.

Us being one ot the top five richest countries on earth, and we
make healthcare somewhat of a luxury.

Hardly. Dunno about where y'all live, but here there are two
hospitals, within 20 miles of where I sit, that provide care to
ANYBODY, regardless of income etc. It is illegal for them to turn
anyone away, and it's enforced. BTW, one of them is the hospital that
JFK was taken to on 11/22/63.

That is one of the biggest problems, the poor don't get any
preventitive healthcare, so they wind up getting treated in emergency
rooms where the rules are as you stated- They have to be treated,
they can't be turned away.


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