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On Thu, 19 Jul 2007 09:47:36 -0400, Ken Dixon <nsvmiami@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

MLF wrote:
"Wingman" <wing98@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote

Had the Dems offered up anything
REMOTELY acceptable, Bush would have lost by a large margin....IMO :)

You got that right. Kerry was significantly less popular than the
proverbial "Yella Dog". Hell, even I might have voted for the dog.

You got that right. I'd vote for any dog running in that election. OTOH, we
could have had the Gore running again.

I hope AlGore was being serious when he said he will not run. Four years
of him in the oval office and Pelosi in congress is kinda scary sounding.

Perhaps even more scary sounding, is you'd be more satisfied if it
were Dick Cheney and Tom Delay in those positions?

(Just an example, I know that thankfully, the latter would never