Re: political

"Wingman" <wing98@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
Had the Dems offered up anything
REMOTELY acceptable, Bush would have lost by a large margin....IMO :)

You got that right. Kerry was significantly less popular than the
proverbial "Yella Dog". Hell, even I might have voted for the dog.

You got that right. I'd vote for any dog running in that election. OTOH, we
could have had the Gore running again.

In my long and deviant life, I recall many elections that were decided this
way. That is, one candidate - odious as he was - was preferable to the even
more lackluster opposing one. Some of the more memorable, perhaps: Lyndon
Johnson versus Barry "Nuke the Gooks" Goldwater, and Michael Dukakis and GHW
Bush. However, it seems to me that there are more lopsided choices of that
sort than there used to be. It's almost as if some skullduggery was afoot to
put bozos in office by conniving to create an opponent that seems even more
unpreferable. Hmmmm....the Illuminati are everywhere....

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