Re: Hey, I got banned!

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BTW, I'm still waiting for you to provides the cites where
I requested them :) Is this expecting cites, but refusing to provide
them a California thing ?

Ooop! Wasn't willful refusal -- must've missed it in all the
hullaballoo. I know you said you're done but, if you would care to
re-request, I'll pay attention & provide cites.

Google is YOUR friend :) And if you successfully find the post, and
provide the requested cites (2), there is a reward in it for ya :)

Actually, I *DID* insult you in a recent post (as in: less than
10 min ago), but I was direct about it, as I always am when I'm
insulting someone. The other shit that you claim is "insult" is just
you and your baggage. I'm sorry that you took it the wrong way -- I
really am.

Yeah...the sideways insults that are fielded by myself and everyone
else, from you, are all about our "baggage". It's gotta be everyone
else, not Ted. LMAO !!

Yup. You and all the people who carry that sort of chip on their
shoulders into every encounter. I think it's related to the alpha-dog

You're probably correct.

Obviously I have amended my intent to be done with this
thread......done with the name calling and insulting though :)

I have been reading this thread from the first post. If there is to be
no more name-calling or insults, I'm done.

You QUITTER!!! ;-)