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country that never did us any harm

Two things wrong with that clause. 1. It'd be pretty
hard to prove that Iraq never did us any harm. 2. If
I see a punk beating up an old lady, should I leave him

It is in fact pretty hard to prove Iraq did us any harm, and it is even
easier to prove they had no intentions either what with the fact that not a
shred of the WMD, supposedly over their by the millions of pounds, simply
did not exist and where in fact destroyed as the inspectors repeatedly

I don't like Iceland. man, those fish-eating surrender monkeys make me
worry. They are up to something, know what I mean? Just too quiet, too
laid back. They are hiding something. One day, I mean one day, I bet you
they will do something. What I don't know, but it will be something. We
should wipe them out now. That way we won't have to worry about them coming
here. Fight them over their before the country is inundated with lutefisk
eating hordes swilling cheap vodka.

This Iraq business started when Saddam invaded Kuwait.
First he harmed relatively defenseless Kuwait. The US
came to Kuwait's defense and Iraq has been doing us harm
ever since.

You need a little history. Google "April Glaspey" and see what she said to
Hussein, in her official capacity, regarding where we stood on the Kuwait
issue that Iraq had. Also look up "slant drill" which company pioneered it,
which country was using it to steal which countries oil. Also look up what
the US did after Hussein used nerve gas bombs, which we sold him, against
the Kurds using maps which we also provided from our spy satellites.