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Hutch wrote:
On Thu, 24 May 2007 10:21:42 -0500, Casey <rather@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sounds great! There's a pub downtown with terrific food nice smoking atmosphere.


? Where will you be fishing?

The Red River, launching out of Clark's Landing. I haven't found out
yet what, or if there are, boundaries. I did very well fishing 12 Mile
Bayou several years back (the creek that runs from the Lake Caddo
dam), but that was a loooooooooong run. I'll just have to see what the
water level is and look for some productive/accessible
backwaters....might even take a fly-over the week prior.

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I've never used Clark's Landing. I usually put in the Stoner Ave. Boat Launch. My brother and I did some good up 12 mile bayou last year too. Other than that I don't think the bass fishing is much good on the red. Except the seasonal White Bass. I could be wrong, though. I don't get out as much as I'd like anymore. Plus my boat is a tiny two seater with a 20+ year old 7.5 hp Evinrude. Good for about 5mph or so. Takes a while to get anywhere on the red!

There's also a little oxbow off the red with some good fishing a little south of town off hwy 1. The landing there is called Bishop Point Landing. Might be worth some research for you. Be sure and let me know if you find any hot spots!