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Hutch wrote:
On Thu, 17 May 2007 11:20:57 +0200, "Jan" <nodirectmail@xxxxx> wrote:

"dbcigar" <rgmgcon@xxxxxxxxx> skrev i en meddelelse
For good prices in Cuban Cigars and a wide selection, please check

Plus, all orders comes with a bag of the best premium costa rican
coffe to enjoy it with every cigar.



Do any of you know these guys. They have fantastic prices if they
are for real. Example USD 359 for Monte A, and they also seem to
many limited editions (maybe too many).

Have any of you bought from them before?

Nope...and not likely to. Too many suspicious things about their
website/selections/prices/claims. I suspect that they get their
tobacco from the same locale as their coffee.

Besides, they don't ship to USA. ;-)