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My [limited] experience has been that there's a sort of parabolic curve
of mellowing/marrying/whatever with aging cigars -- 1st 6 months = some
noticeable difference; 1 yr, still quite noticeable; 2 yrs, still
noticeable; yrs 3-5, some change, but not as dramatic; yrs 5-10, the
changes are quite subtle; beyond 10 yrs, I'm told there are people who
can tell the difference.

I agree with your curve, but IME it's shifted to the right.....more
noticeable "development" in years 3-7. The early change (0-2 years)
seems to be little more than the harshness being lost...perhaps the
twang of the nicotine lessening...allowing me to taste more than that.
Most of the cigars that I enjoy for their complexity and balance seem
to blossom some time in the following 5 years....with the more subtle
characteristics becoming detectable (by me :).

Clarification: the 5 years following those first 2 :)

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