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On May 14, 11:20 pm, Bart Goddard <goddar...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
MikeZ <Mike.Gets....@xxxxxxxxx> wrote innews:1179199898.486648.156690@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

No such person and the address is bogus. That makes you the "wussy-
ass" in your own comedy.

Day 1: Nothing happened. And the information is readily available
on the internet for anyone to find. I organize the West Coast Number
Theory Conference every year, and my contact information is always
published for the sake of my attendees. Even my dumbest students have
no trouble finding my address and home phone number. What, besides
your own cowardice, stops you?

You can even type "Bart Goddard, Austin" in Google and come up
with my previous address on Spruceleaf. Further, several true-blue
ASC-ers have mailed me cigars at the Cesar Chavez address and Mickey's
even been here on the property.

The point here is that everyone can verify my identity with virtually
no effort, so they know you're trying to hide behind bravado. You
can assert whatever you want, bue they all (as if they care) can
easily see through it. So once again, you know it, and we all know
you know it. We're still laughing.


You're lying so you're the coward and everyone is laughing at you.