Re: Humidor issues

On Wed, 09 May 2007 01:40:51 +0200, Yves Constantinidis
<dsfd32l151aje6f@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The slowest method is the best and safest: place a small glass of water
into the humidor and wait for a week.


Sorry I missed this one. Here's what's worked for me:

A new humidor must have the humidor wood primed. When you get the
humidor, wet the wood down with a wet sponge. The wood should be
sopping wet, then close the empty humidor. The next day, do it again.
On the third day (the wood will be barely moist) add the cigars. The
humidification unit is supposed to keep the wood wet. The wood keeps
the cigars moist. If you don't moisten the wood you'll just be
playing catch-up with the humidification device and the gars won't
really keep humidified. This was told to me (references) by Dan
Marshall, humidor maker par excellence. If the cigars are too moist,
then take them out and close the empty humidor for another day without
moistening the wood. This should be done probably about every 3-4
years to keep the wood moist. And, any water will do, doesn't have to
be distilled (unlike what you add to PG).