Re: "The official 9-11 story is full of holes..."

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Can't say why this made me think of WC... ;)


Please remove your pants if you want to send me e-mail.
Lots of good cigar info, the ASC Birthday page, FAQs, vendors and more at
A "great" review is one with the name of the cigar before the review text
in the body of the post. :)

Anyone from the USA that replies to this thread and has admitted to
having Cuban Cigars or those who have admitted to sending Cuban Cigars
to someone in the USA will be reported to the proper authorities. As
long as there're OT posts to ASC these reports will be on going.
This isn't a threat it's a promise!

See? there are some advantages for living in Canada aside from the
free healthcare and hockey. We can buy cuban cigars at any B&M (at $25
a stick, or more), AND, we are exempted from threats made by trolls
such as this one.
Phew!!! I'm soooo relieved.