Re: Potato guns

On May 2, 9:55 pm, Miss Elaine Eos <Misc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

"Any person desiring a classification of a ³potato gun,² ³spud gun² or
similar device must [request one]"

(From <>)

I'm gonna have to research this further. Of course, if I *WANT* my
ATF-juristicted device to be classified as a potato-gun, ok! But I'm
still curious about the whole business of the ATF having domain over
what amounts to home-made mortars or cannons.

Misc "my potato is bigger than your potato ;)"

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I can understand it however, as ATF deals with most things that go
boom. Even potatoes.

Granted, you don't really NEED classification if you're not going to
go off the property.