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I'd certainly not want that in a pricey vehicle.

Earth to Paul......Earth to Paul.....22,500 dollars is NOT a pricey


You can't get an Accord for less than 26,500. I see now you bought it
the prestige.

The Audi in question is a pricey vehicle. Maybe 35 grand starting price
peanuts to you but it's a lot of money anyway you look at it. And new
XK8 and XKRs start at around 75 grand. Mercedes too the SLT will set you
back 85 grand. BMWs, Astin Martins all very pricey vehicles the latter
topping out in the 6 figure range.

I'd sure call that pricey.

One thing for sure PM, smoking sure has damaged your adhesive seeing as
you are completely unglued.

Let's do a Poll. Who is more unglued and unintelligable?


Paulie Walnuts

Let the voting begin

Is this a trick question?


Yes, I forgot to add you.....<BEG>

I'm unhinged, not unglued <g>

Something's loose, for sure. <G>