Re: Moore & Bode cigars

btorvik2 wrote:
Demonick wrote:
I have attempted to contact this vendor a couple of times, both by
email and by leaving phone messages. No response to either.

Is this a legitimate vendor? Do they actually want to sell cigars?
If I eventually make contact with them, what are the odds I will
receive any cigars I order? Has anyone on ASC ever dealt
successfully with this company? If so, what is the trick?


They've been around for quite a while. I think they're a US based
company..sort of a botique company as I recall with pretty decent
mild/medium smokes.

I think AGCIAS from Texas knows them pretty well and gets (or got) them to
be a sponsor for his herfs.

I've never actually dealt with them directly.


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WRONG....they have a crawl not a HERF!
HERF is what a cat does to get rid of a hair-ball.