New Auction Rules

As Moderator of this group, I occasionally have to update the
rules for participation. Following the lead of certain
companies who fire or discipline employees for what they
do elsewhere, I institute the following:

Periodically, when I really want to win a JR auction,
I'll post here what I'm bidding on. You, if you don't want
to be banned from the group, will refrain from bidding on
those items. This pretty much means an ASC-wide ban on
bidding on Don Diegos. Sorry, but rules are rules. And if
I let one person bid against me, it wouldn't be fair to the
others, so no exceptions.

Some may ask "What if I don't see the post?" The answer is
"That's not my problem."

For the complete policy or for more info, see the ASC FUQ.

The Moderator

The man without a .sig