Re: Major Newbie

On 5 Sep 2006 19:00:01 -0700, "misoman" <chace.olinger@xxxxxxxxx>

I'll see if I can't get him to open up a little more, it may also be
that he isn't used to people my age in there as well (I'm 23),

Oh hell !! We wouldn't have been so nice if we'd known you were just
a kid :)

so I'll
try it again.

Maybe the best route might be to just become a familiar face first.
Stop in a few times in the next couple weeks, and just buy a couple
cigars...maybe some of the recommendations from here ? After he seems
to recognize you, AND he isn't busy, strike up a conversation. You may
be pleasantly surprise at his attitude once he sees that you are an
actual customer :)

Any questions you would suggest to test the waters with?

You probably want to stay away from subjects like his sexual
preference/s :)


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