Re: The origin of HERF?

"the Sandman" <HeySandman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
Does anyone have any other recollection of the term?

The real origin of "herf" is explained in an epistle written by the
illustrious and sadly missed John Chunko (who most of you have never heard
of, but who was a better man than any of us) from 1998. See below.

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From: John Chunko <jchunko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Newsgroups: alt.smokers.cigars
Subject: Re: An ASC History Lesson Please
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 18:45:00 +0000

Shaunr wrote:

I saw the guys post about the birthday of ASC March 11th. I care alot
about this place and know nothing of it's real origins. Could someone
please tell me the story.

Here you go...

ASC was formed on 3/10/94.

The "newgroup command message" which "created" ASC as a
newsgroup, was sent by David Barr (barr@xxxxxxxxxxx). Dave
issued the newgroup command on behalf of Rex Wockner
(rwockner@xxxxxxxxxx), who came up with the notion of a
cigar-oriented newsgroup, and most selected its name (i.e.,
alt.smokers.cigars). Dave was a USENET-savvy associate of
Rex Wockner, who helped to technically facilitate the
group's creation.

Rex Wockner, a reporter of some national stature, is the
true "father" of ASC. Rex is now only an occasional poster
to ASC. Over 150,000 messages have been posted, to date, to
ASC... by contributors from around the world.

The newgroup command message which formed ASC was sent on
Thursday, March 10, 1994 at 11:30:16 AM. ASC will be 4
years old this coming March 10 (an obligatory high-holiday
for all orthodox ASCers).

The un-official mascot of ASC is a semi-mythical sheep
named Annabelle. Annabelle is said to be of the inflatable
variety... however, this might be hearsay. Annabelle is
most frequently associated with the beloved ASC character
Mig (miguelit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx). It is more likely that Mig is
the "official mascot" of ASC.

The un-official word of ASC is Herf. Herf is a unique part
of speech. It can be correctly used as a noun, a verb, an
adjective, an adverb, an infinitive, a prefix, a suffix and
an explicative. The arcane word "herf" first entered the
ASC lexicon on November 21, 1996, and was quickly elevated
to frenetic and common use by ASCers. The Prince of Skeeves
(aloysius@xxxxxxx) exposed ASC to the word herf in a casual
posting to the group... however it was ASCers, as a budding
collective, who took the word and made it divine. Herf is
now virulently spreading to worldwide common use as hip
cigar parlance.

Here are some select demographics, from a survey of ASC
readers I conducted in April 1996 (n = 189):

95% are male
34 is the median age
68% have a college degree & 89% have attended college
58% are married
92% reside in the USA

The average ASCer smokes 6-7 cigars a week.
The average ASCer has been smoking cigars about 7 years.
50% of ASCers smoke Cuban cigars.
86% of ASCers do not inhale cigar smoke.

Most critically, ASC has become a non-cyberspace
phenomena... or more properly, a hybrid phenomena that has
successfully married cyberspace to the real world. ASCers
now get together in droves, virtually every week, and at
numerous locations nationwide... to herf together. In
early 1995, ASCer Matt Green (wineboss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
inauspiciously "organized" the inaugural ASC "crawl"
(another ASC buzz-word), which brought a group of diverse
ASCers together to enjoy each other's company while they
walked from cigar shop to cigar shop in New York. It was a
memorable event. Now crawls, herfs, cigar tours and
national jamborees (of literally hundreds of ASCers) form

So, Shaun... when you tell your son his bedtime stories on
ASC, you can say it has been a short history so far... but
incredibly rich. It's filled with personalities and diverse
ideas, angst and fun, unbridled sharing, wonderful new
friendships and high energy camaraderie, love fests and
flame wars, sheep and neologisms, bits, bytes and crawls,
and... more potential for pure entertainment and personal
enhancement for its devoted readers than most any thing
that's come down the pike in years.

(Now, back to work for me... oh... this is my work <GGG>.)




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