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> On Wed, 4 Jan 2006 13:56:06 +0100, Johan Lindqvist wrote:
> > On Wed, 4 Jan 2006 03:56:37 -0500, Joe LaVigne wrote:
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> >> Religion should be taught at home or at church.
> >>
> >> Besides, I don't want to convince a Catholic 8 year old that his
> >> doesn't exist. I don't even want to put that in his mind. It
isn't my
> >> place. Religion is personal.
> >
> > If by "taught" you mean "this is correct", then I agree. That's
not how I
> > want religion taught in school. But I do want "this is Hinduism,
this is
> > what they beleive. This is Christianity, this is what they belive.
> > Divide Christianity into multiple subsets if you like. Probably
should do
> > that with Islam as well.
> The problem is all Public Education is drivin by political forces.
> you open the door to the information, you open the door to personal
> interpretation by instructors, or by the "system".

But in your country, the "system" is determinedly secular; to some
quite ridiculous extremes, in fact.

Don't forget, either, that private education is even more driven by
political, religious or ideological forces -- and it is far less
accountable than a state school. If you get enough self-selecting
parents with the cash to spare, you could open a school in
Poughkeepsie teaching a Taleban-approved syllabus and no-one would be
able to supervise, let alone stop them.

> Public Schools are an indoctrination system. See Tobacco lessons
for an
> easy indicator. Instead of juts telling kids what tobacco can do,
> schools are telling kids that they should go home and confront their
> parents, because their parents are killing them.
> How long do you think it would take for the same to happen with

Public schools have two control mechanisms:
- first, management and supervision by a state bureaucracy largely
disinterested in partisan motivations and mandated to achieve certain
educational goals required for the wellbeing of the whole body
politic; IOW, you get civil servants trying to make sure that their
charges are released into the wild with a bare minimum of knowledge to
function in a modern economy.

- and secondly, a heterogenous and non-self-selecting student body;
IOW, liberal and conservative parents keeping each other in check over
ideological differences, and children exposed to other cultures and