Cigar Box Value?

I have an old cigar box that I'm curious about. I'd assume
it's not worth a whole lot but I don't want to be the guy
that sold the exceedingly rare and desirable piece for four
bucks because he didn't research it.

The brand is "Public Opinion" and they're listed at 8 cents
apiece inside the lid with a picture of a well-dressed gent
enjoying a smoke and looking out his window at a cityscape.

It's in good shape but at some point long ago "$4.00 per box"
was written in pencil on the bottom and later at the very top
of the lid someone (baccy shop owner I s'pose) wrote "Buy
Concilliary Machine Rollers" in faded ink.

Oh, and the front of the box says "DE LUXE". Blue tax stamp
is still there. It was a box of fifty, so I'm assuming the 4.00/box
written on the bottom was from when it was still full of cigars.

There's other information on the bottom of the box but this is
probably enough to give a pretty good idea of what it is.

Is it the typical cheap $4.00 cigar box? Something special?

Oh, and wiseasses telling me it's worth whatever somebody will
pay for it can go ahead and kiss my (_|_) as that doesn't tell me
anything I don't already know...

I'm assuming there's a book of values out there but I only have the
one box so I'm hoping somebody here is a collector and could
look in their copy for me.

Thanks in advance.

-Matt- "..."