Re: finished up my sewing class...

On Feb 11, 11:11 pm, Juno <oldcodg...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2/11/2012 5:19 PM, betsey wrote:

Juno-this was at my local quilt shop-but the teacher is a retired home
ec teacher who loves to sew garments.  for me, she was PERFECT!<g>

Barbara-i'm now much braver----hopefully i'll make a skirt soon.


We had a quilt shop herein town that closed a couple of months ago. I
had great hopes it would stay, the fabric he carried was great. The big
problem was that if you weren't a  quilter you were pretty much ignored
as a customer. It was a tight clique of owner and quilters so those who
were not quilters felt uncomfortable and he lost a lot of customers.
The adult Ed classes around here don't give sewing classes  either.

Hi Juno-

we have very limited adult ed no sewing either. and oh
yuck! that quilt shop does not sound fun or friendly. i have been
very very pleased with this particular quilt shop---they seem very
dedicated to meeting their customers' needs and wants.