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You Lucky Rascal!  How grand to have the class to yourself instead of having
to share with folks who couldn't thread a needle and those who already know
everything and are just there to show off.  Happy, happy for you.  Ummmm,
Betsey.  I know terms change from decade to decade or minute by minute - but
what are they meaning by 'favoring a seam' ?   Polly

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betsey wrote:
yesterday was the last day of the three session sewing
class.  I made
in view A, for Katie.  All that is left is to complete
the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.

Overall, i learned SO much.  it turned out that i was the
ONLY person in the i recieved 9 hours of
private instruction---the teacher was wonderful.  I think
in the end, i have made something that Katie is looking
forward to wearing (yeah!).  Yesterdays class focused on
putting on the cuffs and discussing buttonhole placement.
Laurie's suggestion of placing the first buttonhole at
the bust meant that i have to wait to get Katie to put on
the tunic and mark it.  We also discussed adapting the
pattern-view b would be great as a base to the shirt worn
under vests in the western riding classes.  We talked
about how to install a zipper instead of buttons (the
current trend is to use zippers in the shirts, no gaping
that way).  i also learned how to favor a seam, and set
in the sleeve (which in this pattern was not difficult).
installing the collar was a challenge, but i did get

I feel like i definately upped my skills to attempt more

Yay!  Gaining skills means gaining confidence, it's great you found a good
fit for a teacher.  C

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hi Polly--

i hope i can explain this correctly....easiest is this make
a collar for a shirt. and since the collar has a front and a back,
there is a seam along the edges. by favoring it, you press it ever so
slightly to the underside, so you don't see the seam. it supposedly
gives a more finished look.

i did enjoy the class. i finished hemming and adding the other cuff
to the other sleeve. now, i just have to have katie try it on to mark
the first buttonhole.